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Welcome City Purchasing Officers


Upcoming Networking Events
The Department of Small Business Services (SBS) regularly organizes industry targeted networking events to connect certified vendors with buyers. Networking events offer opportunities to meet with interested certified vendors that offer specific goods or services. See Events Calendar.

If your agency would like to host a networking event to find certified vendors, send an
 email to SBS.

SBS, in partnership with the Mayor’s Office of Contract Services (MOCS), offers courses at the New York City Procurement Training Institute (PTI). The courses encompass both general procurement concepts and City-specific issues and practices, such as courses led by MOCS and SBS on fulfilling the requirements of Local Law 1. These courses are offered through the Citywide Training Center (CTC). Find information on courses and schedules on the
 CTC Website.

If your agency would like to request a training session to meet specific procurement needs, please send an email to SBS. 

We Can Help
Have Contracting Opportunities for Certified Vendors?
Email your upcoming contracting opportunities to SBS and we can notify certified vendors.

Have Specialized Needs?
If the parameters of your search cannot be accommodated by the Online Directory of Certified Businesses, SBS can perform a customized search to find certified companies that meet your procurement needs. For a specialized list of firms, please email SBS your search criteria. 

Do you have an eligible vendor who is not certified?
Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprise (M/WBE) Program / Locally-Based Enterprise (LBE) Program / Emerging Business Enterprise (EBE) Program

Resource Links

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  • NIGP Code Directory 
  • Local Law 129 
  • Local Law 1
  • LL129 / LL1 Compliance Reports


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